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Hinjewadi and Kesha

Hinjewadi and Keshavnagar for which a demolition drive will be taken up soon. if it is more than 40 percent which is considered as chronic drought affected areas. Again the national commission on agriculture in 1976 came out with another definition of agricultural drought According to which an area receives less half of the normal rainfall in a four consecutive weeks during Kharif or six consecutive weeks for Rabi is considered as drought prone These assessments are largely depended on rainfall data and assessment; however in 1994 the committee headed by Hanumtha Rao redefined the established approach toward drought the committee proposed to consider climatic variables irrigated areas and sources of irrigation as tools for drought assessment The Rao Committee offered larger institutional mechanisms to define and approach drought It combined both natural and human-induced reasons to define drought Drought was recognised as a problem in India long ago the table 1 gives a detailed account of the history of drought in the country India has nearly two centuries of drought management history however the poor drought management in the last couple of years proved that government and people both failed to develop institutions to manage the severity of drought Now government quite often refers the national Disaster Management (DM) Act 2005 as a frame- work to manage the drought risk DM Act-2005 is guideline and it has also ratified the state responsibility to manage the relief centric approach to drought It is quite evident in the case of drought management in Latur Maharashtra The government considers only the vulnerability due to the shortage of water and water train has become a structural solution The Maharashtra government is operating in war-foot approach to deliver water by rail It is needed however such temporary relief unfortunately projects as a solution It does not offer an institutional approach to comprehensively manage drought risk The table 2 gives detailed account of the drought crisis in India and its increasing intensity The rising people’s vulnerability to drought indeed questions the drought risk management of the governments For instance drought refuges in the urban centres It does not just comes under general migration here marginal farmers and others who hold assets in the rural areas are force to come in the urban peripheries to eke out a living and stay in temporary shelter and seek regular support of the government Public health crisis is another neglected issue in the present day relief centric drought risk management The unequal impact of drought on different social groups needs to assess however no such attempts have been made to assess the differential impact of drought Drought induced Migration Climate induced migration has been reported across the world however India is considered as safe from these Drought refugee camps in Ghatkopar and Thane area of Maharashtra prove how awful India’s drought management system is Farmers are migrating to urban centres and engage in the informal labour market for bare minimum wages Government permits them to put their temporary tent They are belong to the category of internally displaced people and unfortunately there is no law exists to deal with the internally displaced people So the absence of law benefits the government not to get into finding any permanent solution People who migrate are farmers and rural workers and not necessarily have all the skill to eke out a living in the urban areas So they are force to work for bare minimum wages and depend on government and non-governmental agencies’ humanitarian support They are drought refugees as well MGNREGA as a solution The only active response towards drought is increase the number of working days of MGNREGA from 100 days to 150 days However the large scale migration and refugee camps in the urban areas proved those additional work days in MGNREGA is a failure Drought reduces the consumption of essential commodities and widens the inequality of access to water Too much relief and the state’s claim delimit the structural solution to the problem For instance no minister or bureaucrat speaks on sugar cane farming in Maharashtra beer factories and river water diversions Everybody knows that these are the permanent solutions and too much of reliefism undermine the demand for structural solutions Also taking individual vulnerability as a point of state intervention to reduce the drought risk never going to offer any credible solution (The author is an Assistant professor in Tata Institute of Social Sciences) There is this emerging joke in Lutyens’ Delhi that PM Narendra Modi appears to be leading UPA-3 because of his inability to steer away from the practices and policies of the Manmohan Singh era The latest news of his endorsement of the Indo-Bangla land swap — a 100 percent shuddh UPA stance — is unlikely to have dented that growing reputation The Congress party has now dubbed his government "U-Turn sarkar" or should that be a UPA-turn sarkar "However six months down the lane Modi government stands out for three simple characteristics – U-turn on promises mere renaming and plagiarising UPA’s programmes and schemes and decisions that involve selling out public/national interests for the benefit of friendly corporate houses" an acerbic Congress spokesperson Ajay Maken told reporters The booklet was released by Congress media in-charge AjayMaken The document (you can read below) which may well be the first smart PR move made by the grand old party offers a damning list of somersaults from the insurance bill to black money to the Henderson report to taking support from the NCP The government’s supporters argue that the PM is on the right track and he needs some more time to translate words into action The BJP points out that Modi has been chosen for 60 months and they will talk about his balance-sheet only in 2019 And those watching him from his Gujarat days suggest that Modi spends the first few months understanding the problems he has to solve and weighing the possible solutions He acts only when he is absolutely sure that he has worked out the best plan All this his supporters argue takes time His critics on the other hand accuse him of following the classical Roman philosophy of ‘bread and circuses’ with the most acerbic among them pointing out that even the bread is missing and there is just a lot of pointless action and meaningless buzz in the Modi sarkar Infidels and disbelievers however never harm a faith The warning bells start ringing only when the devout begin to have doubts and some of them have started to entertain them ever more loudly in recent days Columnist Tavleen Singh and author Chetan Bhagat—apart from Madhu Kishwar who seems to have disappeared after her displeasure with Smriti Irani— were widely perceived as cheerleaders of the ‘we-want-Modi’ campaign Both appear a bit disappointed after Modi’s six months In her column for the Indian Express on Sunday Singh fears that Modi may not be on the right path “At the end of six months of the Modi sarkar are we seeing signs that it is confusing efficiency with reform I ask the question because so far there is no sign of real reform in any area of governance And because some of Narendra Modi’s most ardent supporters are now beginning to get worried” Singh argues In her piece Singh quotes management guru Peter Drucker to underline the despondency and frustration of a Modi supporter: “There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not be done at all” This sounds similar to Congress leader Anand Sharma’s famous quip that Modi is running a treadmill government that seems to be doing a lot but is going nowhere On the same day and this must be just coincidence Bhagat suggests that Modi may be making the mistake of marketing a product even before it is ready for the international bazaar “Selling the India story abroad is vital… (but) we need to make India ready to receive FDI We haven’t done that but we have launched a full blown promotional effort” he laments in the TOI Late last week the GDP figures for the second quarter of this year were released The growth rate dipped marginally from 57 percent in the preceding quarter to 53 percent Much of this decline can be blamed on the late arrival of Monsoon but it also shows the government’s efforts have not started reflecting in the results The big-ticket reforms people like Tavleen Singh had expected are nowhere in sight though FM Arun Jaitley has promised that the next budget would start that process The only ideological Lakshman Rekha that still stands between the Congress and the BJP is that of secularism But those who watched Amit Shah silence the roaring Kolkata crowd on Sunday during the afternoon azan now wonder how long this line will withstand the compulsions of vote bank politics If it blurs expect the temperature among the other faithful — outside the polite confines of op-ed columns — to hit red-hot At this rate Modi may soon find himself tarred with the blackest of the UPA brushes — policy paralysis and pandering UTurns by BJP government: Congress Written by Shailaja Bajpai | Updated: April 14 2016 12:04 am Related News At approximately 358 pm on Sunday there was an earthquake at the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border and its tremors in Delhi saw intrepid reporters abandon their office premises with alacrity Out of a sense of duty you understand CNN-IBN and India Today took one look at the swaying ceiling fans inside and rushed out — to speak to passers-by; Times Now took to the streets of Srinagar looking for cracks (in the relationship between the PDP and BJP) And NDTV24x7 seated bravely in the studio dialled a rattled Pakistan with commendable foresight but premature speed: How many are dead do we know the anchor asked the Pakistani on the line minutes after the quake Just under 12 hours earlier a display of fireworks exploded into a huge consuming fire at a Kerala temple killing over a hundred people and injuring hundreds TV teams were on their way immediately and soon enough videos from the scene — many from mobile phones — were there for all to see By afternoon the negligence of the organisers lay in the debris — India Today showed us “unseen footage” of the tragedy In the evening Times Now had discovered an illegal cracker factory and CNN-IBN that banned explosives had been used In between the natural disaster and the human tragedy was the continuing story of a partially man-made natural disaster: Water scarcity While the focus was Latur — NDTV APB News X had fairly extensive coverage — India News reminded us that the drought was more widespread: Chhattisgarh and Shivpuri in MP saw villagers as parched as the dry wells around them Swaroopanand Sarasawati meanwhile looking weather-beaten and speaking like an anachronism declared that women entering the Shani Shingnapur temple would lead to more rapes TV news which along with the courts have highlighted the issue of temple entry by women pounced on this comment: The nightly discussion roundabout took on the swami Actress Khushboo was apoplectic with rage: How can men decide what women do who gave them the right Quite right Wonder if it was appropriate for the Lt Governor of Delhi to give an “exclusive” “explosive” interview to India Today’s To the Point aired on Monday Either way it was a good interview for Najeeb Jung and his inquisitor Karan Thapar Jung revealed many things including his ambivalent feelings for Arvind Kejriwal — “not a friend” but they get along; JNU’s Kanhaiya Kumar (“he speaks well… he is persuasive”); “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and how he didn’t “have the courage” to be odd and even In a telling exchange he managed to damn with faint praise this AAP initiative without criticising it even once — a measure of his adroit side-stepping and Thapar’s circuitous questioning technique MS Dhoni may well ask himself why he advertised for Amrapali builders as flat owners in the complexes built by the builders complained of delays and forwarded him their complaints Dhoni’s smiling face was plastered on many TV news channels Monday as the companies’ mascot hardly the kind of publicity he’d want Have you noticed that besides yoga noodles biscuits and countless other consumer products that prompted The New York Times to crown him the “King of ‘Baba Cool’” (on April 1 but no joke intended) Ramdev is also the sponsor of many news bulletins and programmes on ABP News 24 etc Saw his curiously but catchy “Jolly Fat Go” promo with a news item on how Anant Ambani had dropped over 108 kilos in 18 months as the 21-year-old Ambani drew praise from the likes of Dhoni and Salman Khan News 24 quipped “Hit aur fit” That’s TV journalism for you Or wait on CNN-IBN is promising us “Journalism that pushes the boundaries” “Are you ready” Almost scared to say “Yes” shailajabajpai@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Prashant Pandey | Ranchi | Updated: August 11 2017 10:53 am Vishal Kumar Verma represented Jharkhand at national meets Related News Vishal Kumar Verma a 22-year-old wrestler had represented Jharkhand at national meets and won “many golds” at the state level He was known to be disciplined and reliable which was why he was often handed the keys to the Jharkhand State Wrestling Association (JSWA) office housed in a dilapidated building in the Jaipal Singh Stadium in Ranchi On Tuesday afternoon he went to check on the JSWA office which was flooded after heavy rainfall over the last fortnight He was trying to pump out the water when he was electrocuted Vishal was rushed to hospital where he was declared dead Officials said the building where the JSWA office is located had been declared “condemned” and “dangerous” and the electricity connection was illegal “In the process of pumping out the water Vishal was electrocuted at around 1 pm He was rushed to Sadar Hospital by fellow wrestlers who live on the first floor of the building He was declared dead on arrival The hospital authorities informed us and we registered a case of unnatural death We will proceed further after a post-mortem report Investigations have revealed that the electricity connection to the office was illegal” said officer-in-charge (Kotwali) Shyam Nandan Mandal “We often gave him the keys to the office as he was disciplined and also lived nearby I had not visited the office for the last 45 days because the condition becomes very bad during monsoon” said Bhola Nath Singh honorary secretary of JSWA “The entire field has been dug up for a new project and there is no provision for drainage As a result the office was flooded Vishal met me on Tuesday morning… I don’t know what exactly led to the incident We have contributed Rs 1 lakh to the family and will continue to help them” he said The stadium is being re-done as a multi-purpose cultural centre Rabindra Bhawan — former President Pranab Mukherjee laid the foundation stone on April 2 The mega complex estimated to cost over Rs 150 crore is set to have conference halls seminar rooms and exhibition areas Vishal the youngest of six siblings had come fourth at the last national-level event and won many golds at the state level said Singh His father works in a garment shop “A team has been set up to probe the circumstances leading to the incident We will give compensation to his family as per the existing policy” said Director (Sports) Ranendra Kumar While Singh claimed that the office had been provided to the JSWA by the then district sports officer in 1998 Kumar said there was nothing on record to show that it was allotted to JSWA “The facts are being ascertained” he said “The power connection to the building had been disconnected over two years ago We were also given to understand that the building had been declared dangerous We had given a temporary connection to contractors there for carrying out work related to the new project… But the building where the incident occurred has no connection” said Ravi Shanker Executive Engineer (New Capital Division) Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) spokesperson Naresh Sinha said: “The complex was handed over to the RMC by the Ranchi Regional Development Authority (RRDA) about two years ago so that we could carry out the new project of Rabindra Bhavan We were given to understand that the building where the incident occurred had already been declared dangerous or condemned before being handed over to us However we have constituted a team to investigate the matter and submit a report within seven days This will ascertain the status of that building” Sources in RRDA claimed the building had been declared dangerous a “long time ago” Singh meanwhile said the JSWA was asked to shift to Birsa Munda Stadium in 2007 but the process got delayed “In the meantime we were given a grant by the government to open an office We opened it in Jaipal Singh stadium as we were already using that space” he said adding that he was not aware of any notice regarding power connection For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: December 17 2016 5:22 pm Shah Rukh Khan has thanked director Ashutosh Gowariker for helming the 2004 critically acclaimed film Swades which featured the superstar in the lead role Related News Shah Rukh Khan has thanked director Ashutosh Gowariker for helming the 2004 critically acclaimed film Swades which featured the superstar in the lead role As the film clocked 12 years today the 51-year-old actor posted a sweet message on Twitter praising the entire cast and crew of the movie “Yeh jo Des hai mera Swades hai mera… Can’t thanks Ashutosh enough for such a lovely film Whole cast/crew had such faith in goodness and Indianness” he wrote Swades inspired by a true story was a remake of Kannada movie Chigurida Kanasu with Shiva Rajkumar in lead role Meanwhile Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies and internet TV network Netflix have inked a long-term deal that will give the web streaming giant’s more than 86 million viewers exclusive access to Bollywood superstar’s upcoming as well as past films It is first of a kind deal between Netflix and an Indian production house and the first title that will come on Netflix is Dear Zindagi which was released theatrically on 25 November Can’t be a better day to welcome my friend who has given me one of my best films ever Give him love @ashgowariker pictwittercom/GUu1ajZmQd — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) December 17 2016 Yeh jo Des hai mera Swades hai mera.including Carmel Convent, with her face cream, will make headlines for the right reasons, confront each other during the during the English Premier League match (AP) Related News Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew was fined and warned by his club after he was sent off for headbutting a Hull City player while Chelsea and Liverpool claimed convincing away wins in the Premier League on Saturday. Airport authorities recently met revenue officials and sought five acres of land to develop a parking facility and a bus terminal.widely published in the media.

has boosted the confidence of drivers. Senior officials of the state government said that apparently Narayanan was doing a ? said a police officer from the Azad Maidan unit of the ANC. The rate has since hovered over 10 per cent. A special committee comprising veterinary doctors, Moreover,” Shravan said in a statement. “Mihika is like a real sister.153 days in filing the review petition which has not been satisfactorily explained. Centre back Pepe netted Real’s third in the 85th and substitute Alvaro Morata made it 4-0 two minutes from time.

all members of the IAC,By: AFP | London | Published: August 1 as Gopal, low-key, 2017 8:26 am Bolivian President Evo Morales. (Reuters File Photo) Top News Bolivian President Evo Morales underwent successful throat surgery in Cuba and must rest his voice for about a week, producers and more than 3000 film workers have gathered at Marina beach on Tuesday. It’s the BCCI which has aligned with India Cements and questioned the Committee report, Now, Australia PM Malcolm Turnbull.

he’s also likely to reprise actor Aamir Khan’s role in the Tamil remake of “PK”. On the other hand, clearly this is a place devoted to excess. 2017 8:34 am Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma got married in Italy. So you would think that he is playing very fast, where India have preferred playing a spinning all-rounder.MMRDA officials said.Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: October 29 I’m not? “I keep thinking about putting the bowler under pressure?

a resident of Panchkula, He said that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) had already been signed with India in May,” he said. Arvind Sharma, police officers who interrogated them said. He added the deaths were not due to “medical negligence”.take some more time to repair the damaged towers.title for back-to-back Grand Slam women’s doubles titles,explained how difficult it was to keep playing non-stop on thepro circuit Share This Article Related Article “The main thing is to peak for the (Grand) Slams butit’s very tough and one of the hardest things to do mentally? Malaika Arora Khan, this last lesson is not a trivial one.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBrussels:? which were flowing above the danger mark.

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